Finite element studies are extensively used in cold spray technology to improve the deposition efficiency of the coating. Several computational studies are centered on understanding the residual plastic stress and strain developed between the deposited particle and the substrate to recognize the initial bonding characteristics. Likewise, understanding the particle-particle mechanical and metallurgical bonding is critical, as the bulk of the coating is layers of a plastically deformed powder particle. Hence understanding the mechanical properties of the feedstock powder gives an insight into its plastic behavior. Nano-indentation of a single powder particle provides information such as powder stiffness and hardness.

At the same time, plastic behavior is understood by analyzing the stress-strain characteristics of the feedstock powder. Hence in this research, quasi-static FEA is employed to probe into the stress-strain behavior of various feedstock powder particles by developing a plasticity material model and simulating nano-indentation tests. It is expected that such research will enable powder heat treatment to engineer their hardness and stiffness, which is essential for plastic deformation during cold spraying.