Cold Spray Equipment and Related Manufacturers
Manufacturer Website Link
VRC Metal Systems, USA
ASB Industries, USA
Plasma Giken, Japan
CenterLine Supersonic Spray Technology, Canada
Inovati, USA
Impact Innovations GmbH, Germany
Tecnar, USA
Rus Sonic Technology, Inc, Canada
Dycomet, UK
Kinetic Spray Solutions, Germany
SPEE3D, Michigan, United States
US Universities Involved in Cold Spray Research
University Website Link
South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
Penn State University
Worcester Polytecnic Institute
University of Wisconsin- Madison
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Northeastern University
Stony Brook University
The University of Alabama deposition.html
University of Massachusetts Amherst
University of Southern California
Cornell University
University of Connecticut
Thermal Spray Powder Vendors in USA
Vendor Name Website Link
Valimet Inc, California
H. C. Starck, Newton, Massachusetts
Alfa Aesar, Tewksbury
Oerlikon Metco, New York
Saint Gobian Ceramic Materials, Pennsylvania
Praxair Surface Technologies, Indianapolis
Reade Advanced Materials, Rhode Island
National Alloy Solutions, Texas
Edgetech Industries LLC, Florida
Astro Alloys Inc, Texas
Ampel Inc, Illinois
SkySpring Nanomaterial, Texas—micron-powders
Powder Alloy Corp, Ohio
Atlantic Equipment Engineers, New Jersey
US Research Nanomaterial, Texas
Steward Advanced Materials, LLC, Tennessee
Polymet Corp, Ohio
Hunter Chemical LLC, Pennsylvania
Plasma Processes, Alabama
Fujimi Coorporation,  Oregon
Carpenter Techology Coorperation, Philadelphia
Thermal Spray Depot, Philadelphia
DURMAT of North America INC, Texas
Alsher APM, Ohio
Kennametal Inc, Pittsberg
HAI, California
AMETEK, Pennsylvania
LTS Research Laboratories, New York
Voestalpine Bohler Welding USA Technology LLC, Indiana
Plasma Powders, New Jersey